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An illustration for Triple Modeling Relation and Note

In my understanding, a holistic view to modeling relationship is very important and somewhat neglected, where raising the triple relation of a model with its target (original) and the subject (human or agent) is the first step towards to a holistic view of modeling. Based on his great review of a huge amount of literature … Continue reading

The Model Muddle on Computing

Preface. To distinguish conceptual object from physical object on the three spaces These days, Udi Dahan spoke on his blog post that “Don’t try to model the real world, it doesn’t exist.” so, “Model the perceptions – at least you can have first hand experience of those.” I agree the speech about such the customer … Continue reading

Some Basic Topics and Judgment of Ownership to the Three Spaces

The three spaces (Physical Space, Conceptual Space, and Computational Space[1]) can be regarded as a reference frame or basic background, while discussing such the topics in below. The most basic question would be how to judge the ownership of a thing, among the spaces. Firstly, it needs to repeat that, the default context are computer … Continue reading

Three Spaces for Entities and Models of Applications

In some discussions about abstraction, I drew a picture to illustrate my abstract view for computing (at here), it appeared only two domains: the app domain and IT domain. Then, Andreas Leue pointed out that (at here), for a completed picture: “there’s a third abstraction/world view, located in the people’s minds who are doing the … Continue reading



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