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MDApps vs. MDA and OO: from an Architectural Perspective

To introduce the idea of model-driven applications (MDApps) [1], in the context of software development and application, it is necessary to clarify its relationship with model-driven architecture (MDA). In Model-Driven: An Essential Requirement Come from Customers, described why the term “model-driven” was chosen for our conception in origin, that was before the rising of OMG’s MDA … Continue reading

E-R vs. UML Class diagrams: What is the External/Internal Identifier implying?

In the post “The only thing I miss from the ER language”, Jordi stated a difference between E-R diagrams and UML Class diagrams, that is, the support of external identifiers by E-R and internal identifiers by UML, for identifying an instance of a type/class. I think it maybe appear as a little difference but, in … Continue reading

Relational Models and OO

Object-oriented theory and relational algebra Original: Zhang3, 2011-04-19 1. Relational algebra is a subset of first-order logic and what it represented is, the logical relationship between things. 2. E-R model has deviated from the real  intention of  relational logic. The ‘E’ should not be an entity but just a name. Relational modeling should not by … Continue reading

OO’ s Magic Cup

I believe, A real cup is an entity but, never an OO’ s object. Any classes are in your mind or your code but, not in the world. This expression sounds some vague, it could lead to questions, such as the following comments by Vhanniet. An improved version as follow: Any classes are in your … Continue reading



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