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Distinguishing Model-Driven from Model-Based

It appears there is still somewhat controversial or divided on the uses of the term “model-driven” or “model-based”, although the former seems more popular, in such as software engineering. For example, the introduction of ECMDA 2010 stated that “Model-Based Engineering (MBE) is an approach to the design and development of software and systems […]”, then, … Continue reading

Simplification (Abbreviation, Reduction) is Not the Essential Feature for Concept of Model

It seems widely recognized, simplification (or abbreviation, reduction; it also very related to abstract, see this post) is an unquestionable features to the concept of model. In my opinion, however, it is not absolute or necessary but just a widespread feature of model. It is absolute to just some sort of model, for example, the … Continue reading

OO’ s Magic Cup

I believe, A real cup is an entity but, never an OO’ s object. Any classes are in your mind or your code but, not in the world. This expression sounds some vague, it could lead to questions, such as the following comments by Vhanniet. An improved version as follow: Any classes are in your … Continue reading



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