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General Modeling Relationship

Based on the classical triple modeling relation and model-driven mechanism (MDM), an extended definition of modeling relationship can be done. The general modeling relationship is defined as 5-tuple (M, T, K, G, A) where Model M conforms-to Modeling Knowledge K and models The Target T, Modeler G gets-properties-of T and formulates M that conforms-to K, … Continue reading

A Class Diagram for Model Working System

A model is a role functionally depends on certain situation in place of something else being modeled, this is what I called model as use. In any practical case, there are certain relations around a working model, which form a working system of the model. The basic elements are identified and shown in a UML class … Continue reading

An illustration for Triple Modeling Relation and Note

In my understanding, a holistic view to modeling relationship is very important and somewhat neglected, where raising the triple relation of a model with its target (original) and the subject (human or agent) is the first step towards to a holistic view of modeling. Based on his great review of a huge amount of literature … Continue reading



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