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Multiple Model-Driven Mechanism: Making Metamodel Evolutionary at Runtime

Model-Driven Mechanism (MDM) is the basic answer to the fundamental question how models work. It is also for metamodels–if you acknowledge that a metamodel is a model [1]. Metamodel sets a range to discuss multiple model-driven mechanism (multi-MDM). Here, we can adopt a concise definition for metamodel from OMG’s MDA Guide Version 1.0.1, “A model … Continue reading

How the Modeling Knowledge Works in Model-Driven Mechanism

In the three parts of a model-driven mechanism (MDM) structure, “modeling knowledge” might be somewhat vague words since I have not fund more appropriate term yet. Some of terms such as “metamodels”, “specifications”, “rules” and so on may be more clear concept but I somewhat tend to regard them as one kind of the knowledge, … Continue reading

Model-Driven Applications vs. Model-Driven Engineering

It has been presented that model-driven engineering (MDE) or model-driven software development (MDSD) and model-driven applications (MDApp) [1] are indeed based one same fundamental, that is, the model-driven mechanism (MDM). See Figure 1, the left half, the four blue boxes and the relationships is adopted from Bézivin (2004) [2], which is the most common illustration … Continue reading



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