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Model-Driven Mechanism and Model-Driven Systems

The term of model-driven mechanism (MDM) is coined by myself in practice and reflection of enterprise applications [1], and I increasingly find that the notion has a very universality. In 2005, I defined MDM [2] makes all or part of functions and behaviors (or the structure and form) of a system to be in control … Continue reading

Models Make Us Running on the World

A person has to face reality, a computer as well. No matter what you faced think by yourself, from a third party view, it is the world. So-called face is first to touch it, to watch it, to listen to it, to sniff it – to feel it, then, to make certain reactions to the world … Continue reading

Using Model Driven Mechanism to Explain Model Driven Software Development

In the beginning, the model driven mechanism is a group of principles we summed up in the design of software. Then found that it was a structural fundamental appeared in a wide range of systems, as well as to MDE/MDSD. In the “Presentation on Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering“, mentioned that “MDM … Continue reading

A Presentation on Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering

This is a presentation (slide) in ppt format: Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering. it is an extract from a lecture of mine on “Enterprise, Model, and Information System” at Management School, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, on September 23, 2007[*]. This extract with a little of modification is around the concept of model … Continue reading

Models: Execution or More

A few days ago, I left a comment on Vincent’s blog, with his essay What is the focus of analysis: problem or solution? I said: I always had some doubt to so-called ‘Executable Model’, although it seems an inevitable result in the logic of MDA, but it also like a trap: if the models are … Continue reading

A Roadmap of Research for Enterprise Applications

The subject is the software or information systems used in enterprise. It is comprehensive, need to support the management and the general business in enterprise, often referred generally as enterprise application or some times, I prefer the term of enterprise information system. In this essay, uses the Enterprise Applications and EntApps for short.   The … Continue reading


All “cognition is cognition in models and by models” by Herbert Stachowiak, 1973 The human spirit is unable to think other ways than in models. by Christian Wissel, 1989 Thought is the activity or process of modeling, which the evolution of models in brain. Ideas, as the content for cognition, which are models. A person … Continue reading



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