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Model-Driven Applications and Runtime Models

The models involved in computer application can appear in any phase of the lifecycle, for the topics related with model-driven applications (MDApps), runtime (or run time), corresponding to runtime (or run-time) models, is most important [1]; in comparison with it, use development time for the development phases of the lifecycle, the corresponding models is development-time models … Continue reading

On Some Main Kinds of Models in MDE/MDSD

Models and modeling are inevitable and pervasive, this seems it has become a common sense of the community of model driven engineering (MDE) for a long time. For example, in a recent post, Marco Brambilla has highlighted that “you cannot avoid modeling.” Earlier, Jean Bezivin has written at here, said the main idea of MDE … Continue reading

Model-Driven Applications vs. Model-Driven Engineering

It has been presented that model-driven engineering (MDE) or model-driven software development (MDSD) and model-driven applications (MDApp) [1] are indeed based one same fundamental, that is, the model-driven mechanism (MDM). See Figure 1, the left half, the four blue boxes and the relationships is adopted from Bézivin (2004) [2], which is the most common illustration … Continue reading

Recent Work on Model-Driven Applications (MDApp)

Latest News. It’s now available on line: yu2013-mdapp pdf, 772KB (post on the site with the permission of IGI Global, the publisher) Completed a paper last year, the title is “Model-Driven Applications: Using Model-Driven Mechanism to Bridge the Gap between Business and IT”, it has been accepted as a chapter in the new book Advances and Applications in Model-Driven … Continue reading

What Can Be Done Is What Can Be Modeled

In the work in press[1],  we pointed out an important feature of model-driven application (MDApp), that is, the adaptivity based on models. It is also the meaning of “model-driven” which referred to, it was stated below under the subject of enterprise applications: What business can be handled on the MDApp are what can be modeled … Continue reading

Using Model Driven Mechanism to Explain Model Driven Software Development

In the beginning, the model driven mechanism is a group of principles we summed up in the design of software. Then found that it was a structural fundamental appeared in a wide range of systems, as well as to MDE/MDSD. In the “Presentation on Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering“, mentioned that “MDM … Continue reading

Models would not be Failed

The recent discussion on the success of MDE/models faded out soon in our eyes. Of course, it is important that what is wrong or what is insufficient and how we are going to do, such as Jean Bezivin pointed out in his speech (an introduction), that might be just a beginning, I think. An assertions are … Continue reading

Have Models failed?

“Models have filed,” Jean Bezivin said[1], “at least temporarily. […]The deployment of MDE seems today to have reached a standstill.” Anyway, this is a rather heavy judgment, I don’t know whether it’ ll stir up some waves (I hope so) in the MDE community which appears a little dreary and lifeless. However, what factors led … Continue reading

Models: Execution or More

A few days ago, I left a comment on Vincent’s blog, with his essay What is the focus of analysis: problem or solution? I said: I always had some doubt to so-called ‘Executable Model’, although it seems an inevitable result in the logic of MDA, but it also like a trap: if the models are … Continue reading



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