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MDApps vs. MDA and OO: from an Architectural Perspective

To introduce the idea of model-driven applications (MDApps) [1], in the context of software development and application, it is necessary to clarify its relationship with model-driven architecture (MDA). In Model-Driven: An Essential Requirement Come from Customers, described why the term “model-driven” was chosen for our conception in origin, that was before the rising of OMG’s MDA … Continue reading

Have Models failed?

“Models have filed,” Jean Bezivin said[1], “at least temporarily. […]The deployment of MDE seems today to have reached a standstill.” Anyway, this is a rather heavy judgment, I don’t know whether it’ ll stir up some waves (I hope so) in the MDE community which appears a little dreary and lifeless. However, what factors led … Continue reading



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