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When Reconnect the Interrupted Courses for Information Systems

Have a look at the Domain Driven Design Quickly online and found the interesting words by Eric Evans: The long-term trend is toward applying software to more and more complex problems deeper and deeper into the heart of these businesses. It seems to me this trend was interrupted for a few years, as the web … Continue reading

A Presentation on Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering

This is a presentation (slide) in ppt format: Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering. it is an extract from a lecture of mine on “Enterprise, Model, and Information System” at Management School, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, on September 23, 2007[*]. This extract with a little of modification is around the concept of model … Continue reading

An Architecture Model for Cognition, Information Systems as well…

In recent post I told about the cognitive (triangle) cycle and the cognitive structure triangle. Further, A cognitive architecture (core) model could be formed through join these two models together, see Figure 1. Thinking making Thories, Thories deciding Action, Action imposing on Objects, Objects providing Feeling, Felling building Models, Models supporting Thinking… In this model, all … Continue reading



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