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An FMC ER Diagram Model of Model-Driven Mechanism (MDM)

There are a lot of notations for entity-relationship (ER) model, moreover, the similar things such the UML Class Diagram. The FMC ER Diagram seems quite simple, practical, and easy to understand. It seems quite suitable to illustrate the concept of Model-Driven Mechanism (MDM). MDM is the functional structure consisted of three elements in a system; … Continue reading

An FMC Block Diagram Model of MDApp

It appears that Block Diagram is the most characteristic one in its three types of diagram in FMC (Petri Nets and ER Diagram are the rest). It is used to depict the compositional structure of system, that is, the active structure which consists of two kinds of component: the agents (active component)  and locations (passive … Continue reading

Preliminary Impressions of FMC

The previous post shared Prof. Siegfried Wendt’s newest explanation for the theoretical foundations of FMC (Fundamental Modeling Concepts). The explanation is very precious since it represents the individual thoughts of creator and explains the basis of FMC from a more profound and general perspective than in FMC documents. It is also very enlightening for more … Continue reading

FMC: How Do We Capture the Idea of a Discrete Dynamic System? Wendt’s Answer

Recently happened to see FMC, the Fundamental Modeling Concepts, which providers a suite of carefully selected and defined concepts with well-designed graphic notations for modeling a software-intensive system,  and for very clear objectives: human understanding and communication about the system. In its official website, fmc-modeling.org, there are very clear and concise introductions. I am very … Continue reading



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