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On Models and Domains for Model Driven Applications

A Concept of Model Following last post, here concentrate topic on the models for model-driven applications (MDApps). First, clarify that in what sense use the term model. The suggestion is stated at Model as Use: we call an entity model while it plays the role in the situation where the entity has and provides a set … Continue reading

Three Spaces for Entities and Models of Applications

In some discussions about abstraction, I drew a picture to illustrate my abstract view for computing (at here), it appeared only two domains: the app domain and IT domain. Then, Andreas Leue pointed out that (at here), for a completed picture: “there’s a third abstraction/world view, located in the people’s minds who are doing the … Continue reading

Abstraction (III) Make Long Story Short

It is easy to be long-winded when writing with the topic “abstraction”[1]: it seems a bit like a bottomless pit, when I attempt to think about it in depth. Let me make the long story short, to writing some of my conclusions, while it may be a bit hasty. Where the abstract levels based on In the … Continue reading

Talking Models and Domains to Enterprise Applications: an Addition

In “Talking Models and Domains to Enterprise Applications”, I called the domains as “application system technical domain” and “applied domain”, which an enterprise application should be involved in. I wanted to highlight a complete, clear distinction for the related things, but it appears somewhat not very well or satisfied. In the discussion on MDSN, Rui … Continue reading

Talking Models and Domains to Enterprise Applications

In Some Classification of Models for Software Applications, I explained some classification on the models which are relevant to software applications. Some of the models and domains were shown in the Fig. 1 of the essay. I will try to illustrate it more but before starting, do some improvement for the expression firstly. See the … Continue reading

Some Classification of Models for Software Applications

In Models: Execution or More, I cited some Ed’s view points on models. In my view, it appears there is a dichotomy between executable models and non-executable models (of course, I am not sure if it is fitting Ed’s idea). On the other hand, there are two basic aspects for modeling: the application system and … Continue reading

Open World and Finite Models

Recently, I read a piece of very interesting blog “Rich World – Poor Models” by modelpractice, and have some discussions with the author at (1)What is the essential difference between MODELING and PROGRAMMING? [1] and (2)The Mathematical Foundations for Models. I (1), the author said: From my perspective: Programming: using a very expressive language and … Continue reading



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