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Human, Computer, the Real World, and Inevitable Mediating Model

Smith (1985) depicted how it was connected between computers and the “very real world”; he put computer on the left, real world on the right, then pointed out that “mediating between the two is the inevitable model” (see the post). He also implied that such picture was suitable for human too. I prefer show another … Continue reading

The Model Muddle on Computing

Preface. To distinguish conceptual object from physical object on the three spaces These days, Udi Dahan spoke on his blog post that “Don’t try to model the real world, it doesn’t exist.” so, “Model the perceptions – at least you can have first hand experience of those.” I agree the speech about such the customer … Continue reading

Abstraction (III) Make Long Story Short

It is easy to be long-winded when writing with the topic “abstraction”[1]: it seems a bit like a bottomless pit, when I attempt to think about it in depth. Let me make the long story short, to writing some of my conclusions, while it may be a bit hasty. Where the abstract levels based on In the … Continue reading



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