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Models Make Us Running on the World

A person has to face reality, a computer as well. No matter what you faced think by yourself, from a third party view, it is the world. So-called face is first to touch it, to watch it, to listen to it, to sniff it – to feel it, then, to make certain reactions to the world … Continue reading

An Architecture Model for Cognition, Information Systems as well…

In recent post I told about the cognitive (triangle) cycle and the cognitive structure triangle. Further, A cognitive architecture (core) model could be formed through join these two models together, see Figure 1. Thinking making Thories, Thories deciding Action, Action imposing on Objects, Objects providing Feeling, Felling building Models, Models supporting Thinking… In this model, all … Continue reading

Cognitive Structure Triangle and Conceptions of Images, Models and Theories

This is basically an extract translated from my three essays on EE-Forum.org[1] Cognitive (Triangle) Cycle A brain can be considered as an information system. It gains raw data on feeling, makes some theories and programs on thinking, then executes the programs to take actions. there is a simple model for the cognition on brain, so-called … Continue reading

Notes about the Concept of Abstraction (I): Physical and Cognitive, Homogeneity

For my doubts about a popular opinion: software is an abstraction of real world, I had a discussion on MDSN. This is a hard topic, some times it appears as a trap. It could be need to think on more underlying issues, such as “what is an abstraction?” “what is the meaning that some things … Continue reading

Open World and Finite Models

Recently, I read a piece of very interesting blog “Rich World – Poor Models” by modelpractice, and have some discussions with the author at (1)What is the essential difference between MODELING and PROGRAMMING? [1] and (2)The Mathematical Foundations for Models. I (1), the author said: From my perspective: Programming: using a very expressive language and … Continue reading


All “cognition is cognition in models and by models” by Herbert Stachowiak, 1973 The human spirit is unable to think other ways than in models. by Christian Wissel, 1989 Thought is the activity or process of modeling, which the evolution of models in brain. Ideas, as the content for cognition, which are models. A person … Continue reading



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