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Simplification (Abbreviation, Reduction) is Not the Essential Feature for Concept of Model

It seems widely recognized, simplification (or abbreviation, reduction; it also very related to abstract, see this post) is an unquestionable features to the concept of model. In my opinion, however, it is not absolute or necessary but just a widespread feature of model. It is absolute to just some sort of model, for example, the … Continue reading

Abstraction (III) Make Long Story Short

It is easy to be long-winded when writing with the topic “abstraction”[1]: it seems a bit like a bottomless pit, when I attempt to think about it in depth. Let me make the long story short, to writing some of my conclusions, while it may be a bit hasty. Where the abstract levels based on In the … Continue reading

Abstraction (II) Simplification is a Bad Word

Source-Abstraction Correspondence On the preliminary study, I think abstractions is not fiction or imagination. An abstraction itself is certain object/entity in the world – in a physical, cognitive or computational space – however, it is never an isolated thing but has certain source or basis that the abstraction is abstracted from, to distinguished from such … Continue reading

Notes about the Concept of Abstraction (I): Physical and Cognitive, Homogeneity

For my doubts about a popular opinion: software is an abstraction of real world, I had a discussion on MDSN. This is a hard topic, some times it appears as a trap. It could be need to think on more underlying issues, such as “what is an abstraction?” “what is the meaning that some things … Continue reading



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