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General Modeling Relationship

Based on the classical triple modeling relation and model-driven mechanism (MDM), an extended definition of modeling relationship can be done. The general modeling relationship is defined as 5-tuple (M, T, K, G, A) where

  • Model M conforms-to Modeling Knowledge K and models The Target T,
  • Modeler G gets-properties-of T and formulates M that conforms-to K, and
  • Actor A depends-on M to acts-on/for T according-to K.

The relation acts-on/for is referred to “take action to have effect on or for” the target.


General Modeling Relationship

Figure: General Modeling Relationship

Note. The “modeling” here is under a broad sense, that is, for both making model and serving as model.

This diagram is complementary to the last one, the Class Diagram for Model Working System. They give a holistic view together for model working. I think, the general relationship is as a framework for any model-working system.

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3 thoughts on “General Modeling Relationship

  1. Certainly much more expressive, than the triple modeling relation. Can you think of an example where the extended model is more beneficial in application than the triple model?

    Posted by modelpractice | July 21, 2013, 18:44
    • Thank you!
      I’m preparing a paper on that, hope to complete the manuscript tonight. It identifies four class of model-based application system…I’ll send you a copy when finish the script :-)

      Posted by TY | July 21, 2013, 19:59


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