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An FMC ER Diagram Model of Model-Driven Mechanism (MDM)

There are a lot of notations for entity-relationship (ER) model, moreover, the similar things such the UML Class Diagram. The FMC ER Diagram seems quite simple, practical, and easy to understand. It seems quite suitable to illustrate the concept of Model-Driven Mechanism (MDM).

MDM is the functional structure consisted of three elements in a system; it makes the function / behavior of the system to be relevant or meaningful for a target by utilizing certain model(s) of the target. I drew the basic MDM structure as FMC ER Diagram shown below. According the FMC Reference strictly, one can read the diagram and describe it as follows, where the labels of the entities are in bold, the labels of the relationships (uses a verb or verb phrase) are in italic:

  • An Operational Device acts-on/for one or more Target(s) of an Application Domain
    (A Target is-influenced-by the Operational Device (in the application))
    by utilizes Model according-to Modeling Knowledge.
  • conforms-to Modeling Knowledge, each Model models a Target (a Target is-modeled-by one ore more Model(s)).
  • All relationships in the graph with 1:n / n:1 cardinality, and the relational arrow is from n to 1.
  • In addition, call Model “Applied Model” for emphasizing; call Modeling Knowledge “Metamodel” in a broad sense.

A FMC ER Diagram of Model-Driven Mechanism (MDM)

In last post, we used FMC Block Diagram to depict the basic structure of model-driven application (MDApp, the application system based on MDM), but in which some important information is missed — which has been quite fully and exactly shown in this graph, the only thing needs to be emphasized is that the applied model is can be changed with the changes of the target because it is conformed to the modeling knowledge which is known by the operational device, that is, the system are working on evolutionary models thus it is adaptive to the changes of the application target, Isn’t this a great characteristic?

Updated, 2013-06-09

  • Changed the symbol of relation in the diagram: now the arrow –> is referred to 1:n
  • Improved the descriptions of those relationships, explicitly added the quantifiers (a, each, etc.)
  • Labeled the relation on also the Target side.

Updated, 2013-07-01

  • Changed the all the direction of relational arrows in the diagram and some text related to that: all the arrows are reversed in 06-09 version.
  • Changed the label of operational device-target relation: from acts-for/with to acts-on/for, had some improvements of the description.
  • Very thank Prof. Siegfried Wendt for pointed out the error.

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