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Situation for Discussions about MDApps

Before introduce the ideas of model-driven application (MDApp), seems it is necessary to give an illustration for some elements and the relationships in which will be frequently involved. It seems a bit cumbersome but shows many of the view points, see below.

Situation for Discussions about MDApps

The illustration

  • presents the gap between IT and business, as well as computer and applying target;
  • shows the left side and the right side, that is followed to the layout by B.C. Smith (see here and here);
  • presents two of abstract hierarchies, one is on the left for computer (the blue triangle); another is on the right (the yellow triangle) for the business, that is, the target an application system will be worked in/on;
  • shows the mediating models as a bridge to connect the left-side approaches and the right-side approaches (the green triangle on the top); it is including many of relative models and to be organized as a meta-pyramid, and
  • a model-driven application (MDApp) is based on the mediating models, which is to be a basis to align business with IT: it combines the efforts from left-side approaches (e.g., SE, OO, MDE, MDA, SOA, and Workflow, etc.) and right-side approaches (e.g., EE, EM, EA, and maybe “BPM”, etc.) based on a clear separation in them; each side hence can be had its own development cycle for the same MDApp.

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