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Recent Work on Model-Driven Applications (MDApp)

Latest News. It’s now available on line: yu2013-mdapp pdf, 772KB (post on the site with the permission of IGI Global, the publisher)

Completed a paper last year, the title is “Model-Driven Applications: Using Model-Driven Mechanism to Bridge the Gap between Business and IT”, it has been accepted as a chapter in the new book Advances and Applications in Model-Driven Software Engineering, edited by Vicente G. Díaz, Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle, Begoña Cristina Pelayo García-Bustelo,and Oscar S. Martínez, scheduled to be published in August, 2013 by IGL Global.

In recent years, I have spent a lot of time to collect, collate and study much of scholar literature in the relevant fields, the efforts are partially reflected in the paper, although main of the contribution of mine is obtained before that. The paper is mainly introduced the concept of model-driven application (abbreviated as MDApp), and the fundamental principal, model-driven mechanism (MDM). These ideas are derived from my own practice and thinking (see more details in the essay Model-Driven: An Essential Requirement Come from Customers, and A Roadmap of Research for Enterprise Applications, a description for the elementary path and the key points in our exploration and research. Some of the highlights as below:

  • A logical starting point is taken, that is, models as inevitable mediator between human, computer and the real world. Another important premise is that the problems to enterprise applications are open.
  • Sorts the approaches for crossing the gap between business and IT (also the real word and computer) in to two parts: one is the left side approaches, such as software engineering, model-driven engineering (MDE); another is the right side approaches, such as enterprise engineering, enterprise architecture (EA).
  • Describes problems on the left: the transforming barrier between analysis and design model, the entanglement of the business change and development process, and the neglect and some ambiguous to CIMs, which are involved in OO, MDE, DDD, Agile, etc.
  • Puts forward the limit issue to raising abstract level; the most important matter is matching the two abstract hierarchies on the two sides of the gap.
  • Describes some problems on the right: the restriction to such as enterprise architecture (EA) and enterprise modeling (EM) from the inflexibility of the solutions for application.
  • The concept of MDM, the multiple MDM structure, and model-driven systems (MDS).
  • The concept of MDApps and enterprise model driven application (EMDA), and a discussion about its relationships with some fields and issues discussed previously.
  • The basic conclusion is that, the “human-understandable / operational and computer-treatable models” should become “inevitable artifacts to establish dynamic connection between the two sides of the gap”; MDApps based on such the models are the way to overcome some conventional problems to align IT with business.

This work is a wrap-up and also an attempt to contribute the ideas to relevant technical or academic communities, and hope that to get more response and maybe a bit of recognition–perhaps lets me have more possibilities to continue the difficult hard exploration.

The paper has 18 pages with 8 figures and 46 references. You are welcome to email me (tongying@ee-forum.org) for discussion or get a document for you personal review. In the acknowledgements, I thank Vicente García Díaz and the editor team and especially thank Markus Kerz, Vincent Hanniet, Andreas Leue, Rui Curado, Andriy Levytskyy, and more friends from Internet, who had given wise and inspiring discussions and comments, which were very instructive and useful to the work.

By the way, today is Lantern Festival, the end of the traditional Chinese New Year period. I have best wishes to everyone.


Last update: add “Puts forward the limit issue to raising abstract level”.. into the list. 26 Feb 2013

It is informed that the publisher has split the book Progressions and Innovations in Model-Driven Software Engineering into two parts (with the same aim, target, editors, …), this chapter will be then published in the part entitled “Advances and Applications in Model-Driven Software Engineering” and scheduled in August, 2013. (11 March 2013)


Yu, T.-Y. “Model-Driven applications: Using Model-Driven mechanism to bridge the gap between business and IT.” In Díaz, V. G., Lovelle, J. M. C., García-Bustelo, B. C. P. & Martínez, O. S. (eds.) Advances and Application in Model-Driven Software Engineering, pp. 53-72, IGI Global, 2013. URL https://thinkinmodels.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/yu2013-mdapp.pdf.

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