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Human, Computer, the Real World, and Inevitable Mediating Model

Smith (1985) depicted how it was connected between computers and the “very real world”; he put computer on the left, real world on the right, then pointed out that “mediating between the two is the inevitable model” (see the post). He also implied that such picture was suitable for human too.

I prefer show another role, human, and put the inevitable mediating model in the middle of the three, where the model is set by human to representing some target thing in real word, and to be supported, processed by computer. The human is thereby able to achieve some operations for/on the target via the computer. Furthermore, the human should evolve the model when the thing is changed. How a computer working on such the evolutionary model for the target is the model-driven mechanism. In which the model is not only as a mediator for computer and the world, human and the world; but also for human and computer.


This is my illustration to so-called computing.




Recently I’m very difficult to cross over the Wall. :'(

Posting this to welcome the New Year go so far as to become a hard work…


Anyway, best wishes to my friends from the FREE Internet. :)

2013, Happy New Year!



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3 thoughts on “Human, Computer, the Real World, and Inevitable Mediating Model

  1. Happy 2013 to you, too!

    Posted by modelpractice | December 31, 2012, 04:32


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