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When Reconnect the Interrupted Courses for Information Systems

Have a look at the Domain Driven Design Quickly online and found the interesting words by Eric Evans:

The long-term trend is toward applying software to more and more complex problems deeper and deeper into the heart of these businesses. It seems to me this trend was interrupted for a few years, as the web burst upon us. Attention was diverted away from rich logic and deep solutions, because there was so much value in just getting data onto the web, along with very simple behavior. There was a lot of that to do, and just doing simple things on the web was difficult for a while, so that absorbed all the development effort. (DDD Matters Today: An interview with Eric Evans, InfoQ, 2006)

This reminds me of some of my feelings: I think the rising of Internet interrupted my dream of the new generation of enterprise information systems. Remember some recent discussions to Jean Bezivin’s views MDE missed the boat. I once said that the ever-changing hot spots of Internet-related technology occupied too many resources, especially recently, the cloud, mobile applications etc., with the tremendous changes of the infrastructure, environment and architecture for applications, which attracted nearly the most attention of people.

I always think that, there was something be interrupted (of course, the Internet / Web app was just possible one of the reasons) from some of the technical (and theoretical) courses. The most representative one, may be the relational database, the relational model and database as an architecture to applications called information systems…

I don’t know whether Eric Evans returned to the original track. My dreams is however still unable to walk on the broad road. We live in a crazy technology-driven and acronyms-oriented world. I believe that something is accidental but some is not, such as the model driven mechanism and model driven systems, because they presented some laws of nature.



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