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A Presentation on Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering

This is a presentation (slide) in ppt format: Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering. it is an extract from a lecture of mine on “Enterprise, Model, and Information System” at Management School, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, on September 23, 2007[*]. This extract with a little of modification is around the concept of model driven mechanism (MDM) and the relevant concept model driven systems (MDS). I have mentioned them in some posts on my blog, such as A Roadmap of Research for Enterprise Applications and Model-Driven: An Essential Requirement Come from Customers. I have also uploaded it on SlideSharet but it appeared very poor after the conversion on the site. so, I recommend to download the file to watch – there are some animations in the slide, in aid of the illustration to the ideas.


[*] The original file of the lecture at http://www.ee-forum.org/downloads/ty_jnu070917a.pps (in Chinese)

Last updated on January 15, 2012

1. P20, removed the PDCA cycle: it was with more explaining but not included in this vision.

2. P22, the order to showing the 4 labels on the MDM triangle, it is now appeared at the beginning.

3. P24, corrected the error at “Martin, James (2005)” to (1995).

(previous version: ty_jnu07_mdm.ppt)

I’m sorry there was another oversight in this page and the presentation file: the title of the lecture should be “Enterprise Engineering, Model and Information System” but not “Enterprise, Model and Information System”. (11 April 2012)


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3 thoughts on “A Presentation on Model-Driven Mechanism in Information Systems and Enterprise Engineering

  1. my favourite line: “Thoughts are models, so, a human being is the most advanced model-driven system.” (slide 13)


    Posted by modelpractice | January 16, 2012, 22:02


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