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Models would not be Failed

The recent discussion on the success of MDE/models faded out soon in our eyes. Of course, it is important that what is wrong or what is insufficient and how we are going to do, such as Jean Bezivin pointed out in his speech (an introduction), that might be just a beginning, I think.

An assertions are often frivolous, but I believe the models will ultimately be succeeded, it will eventually become the protagonist of software engineering. Why? I think, there is some useful insight from a variety of sophisticated engineering fields. It could be observed that, a sophisticated engineering – a discipline on a class of complex systems — is based on its sophisticated, unique modeling system, such as the building, mechanical, electrical, etc., where it seems no doubt about the need for models and modeling, no one asked what are models and how models work, but almost all of their work are model-based.

I also believe, in the software field, however, we have to face more complex and diverse models and model-working mechanisms, that is, relative to other engineering fields, models and modeling are more important and more difficult to be grasped in software field.


(The illustration Memory from dollwei’s collective drawings, with the permission of the author.)


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interested in models & modeling, software, information systems, applications & engineering for enterprises


2 thoughts on “Models would not be Failed

  1. You’re right TY: modeling is not dead ;D

    Posted by vhanniet | November 20, 2011, 18:08
  2. Hi! Vincent,
    It’ll be crossed over the sea without a big boat…

    Posted by TY | November 20, 2011, 21:03

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